Terms & Conditions

Please read all the Terms & Conditions and do not use the Bhojdeals website or Mobile Application if you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions: www.bhojdeals.com and Bhojdeals are registered website and mobile application respectively, of Backdrop Pty Ltd. Terms & conditions listed here apply to the use of the website, mobile app or any services offered through this website and mobile app. By using the website, mobile app or any services offered, you agree to the Terms & Conditions. The term “Bhojdeals” will be applicable to either one or both the services offered i.e website and mobile application.

We will keep updating and modifying our Terms & Conditions without any prior notice and revised Terms & conditions will be a bounding agreement. It will be user’s responsibility to review them from time to time. At any point, you don’t agree, you can refrain from using Bhojdeals.

We might email you information regarding your activities, updates and services offered by us.

The complete Bhojdeals Terms & Conditions are listed below:

Registration – You will be required to register to Bhojdeals to use any features and services offered. You agree to provide us with accurate personal details by registering and keeping it updated. You will not use fake names or impersonate any person. Violation of any of these may result in debarring you from using Bhojdeals with no prior notice or explanations.

As a pre-condition of account registration, you allow us to send you promotional emails and any services offered through Bhojdeals.

Users will be solely responsible for their activities and maintaining confidentiality. We reserve all rights to cancel a user name or refuse registration.

Use of products and services – It shall be user’s responsibility to carefully use the products and services offered by us. Bhojdeals does not guarantee any availability or refusal of the services offered by the restaurant owners. There can be instances when the restaurant owners do not avail of the Bhoj coupons for any particular reason. Bhojdeals shall not be held responsible for any such unforeseen circumstances. Users will be responsible for the comments or reviews posted and Bhojdeals cannot be held responsible for any such comments. The user agrees to refrain from using any abusive, offensive, vulgar or objectionable comments to anybody in the website/mobile app. Bhojdeals reserves the rights to terminate the membership if a user is found to be using those means.

Terms & Conditions for all Bhoj coupons (Bhojdeals) – Bhoj coupons do not have and cannot be redeemed for any cash value. It is illegal for the users to sell these coupons for any price to other users. Bhoj coupons are strictly meant to be used for your personal use and any commercialization of the coupons may result in cancellation of your Bhojdeals membership with no explanation. The Bhoj coupons cannot be applied to other offers or promotions by the restaurant. Use of Bhoj coupon is at your discretion. No claims can be made for any unused and expired coupons. Bhoj coupons are issued by the restaurant owners and not Bhojdeals. The restaurants can have certain pre-conditions for the Bhoj coupons, for eg. the coupon is applicable only to food and not drinks. However, that shall be mentioned before hand by the restaurant owners. Bhoj coupons will also have an expiry date. In case of any termination of a restaurant for any reasons, all the unused Bhoj coupons pertaining to the specific restaurant will be void thereafter. No claims by the users or restaurants will be entertained.

Terms & Conditions for Restaurant owners - Bhoj coupons are issued by the restaurant owners and not Bhojdeals. As a merchant, you will be able to put some restrictions on those coupons before hand with a time frame. Restaurant owners shall abide to entertain the Bhoj coupons to the users in the valid period. If the coupons have expired, it will be sole discretion of the restaurant owners to avail them. Bhojdeals shall not be held responsible for any altercation between the users and the restaurant owners. Bhojdeals reserves the right to suspend or terminate any restaurant owner from the use of the services, for any reasons which do not match their principles, with no explanations provided. Restaurant owners will have to honor the coupons downloaded by the users, even after terminating your contract with us. The coupons are generally valid for one month since the date of issue.

Conditions for use of Bhojdeals - Use of Bhojdeals is meant for personal, non-commercial use and at user’s own risk. There may be data loss due to unforeseen interruptions and Bhojdeals shall not be responsible. Bhojdeals can change the content or services provided at any given time. Bhojdeals may be unavailable for maintenance or any other reason. Any damages pertaining to use of Bhojdeals with respect to Trojans or any viruses will not be the responsibility of Bhojdeals. The users should abide to all the rules and regulations and no illegal activity in any form is permitted.

In case of any dispute, the user and restaurant owner agree to discontinue membership and will not held any team member of Bhojdeals responsible. Bhojdeals shall not be liable for any incurred damages, whatsoever it may be.

Termination – Bhojdeals reserves the complete right to terminate membership of any user or restaurant owner without any explanation or any prior notice. In case of any dispute, user/restaurant owner are entitled to bear all the costs incurred during the procedure.

Please do not use Bhojdeals if these Terms & Conditions are not agreeable to you.

Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy Policy can be updated any time without prior notice and the revised Privacy Policy is effective immediately when posted. It will be users’ responsibility to review the Privacy Policy for the changes. Using the site, mobile app and any services offered acknowledges your acceptance of the modified privacy policy.
  2. We may collect and store identifiable information when you sign up with Bhojdeals which includes but not limited to your name, email address and phone number. We may also collect non identifiable information including IP address to analyse trend, demographics etc.
  3. We provide services jointly with our restaurant partners (Bhojdeals Restaurant Partners). We share some of the information, in order to help them provide better services to our users. We may also share some information to our business partners. This will enable them to contact you for any services or products that may be of interest to you.
  4. We may also share Identifiable Information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law or a court order; enforce or apply this Privacy Policy, Bhojdeals terms and conditions; or protect the rights / safety of Bhojdeals and its users.
  5. We may share or disclose non identifiable information with our partners to improve our quality. Summary information can be also published for promotional purposes.
  6. You can always choose not to provide information, although it may be required to engage in activities on Bhojdeals. You can opt out of our promotional emails at any time you desire.
  7. Security of the information is taken very seriously and every precautions are taken to protect the security of information and data. Unfortunately, there is no absolute guarantee on secure data transmission over the Internet. Hence, we cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted to or from the Website, and will not be held responsible for the actions of any third parties that may receive any such information.
  8. This Privacy Policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from you. Other websites that may be accessible through us have their own privacy policies and we are not responsible third parties policies or practices.
  9. You can freely contact us for any clarifications or queries.