FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS is Nepal's 1st dedicated Free Restaurant Deals concept. Search for your favourite restaurant, grab your free deal, redeem your deal and enjoy awesome savings in your bill. Our objective is to find ''Savings in your Cravings'' by bringing Free restaurant deals at your fingertips.
Mobile app - Simply click “Forgot password”. You will receive a verification code in your email. Enter this code in your mobile and reset your password. Website Click Sign in and then “Forgot password?” Enter your email address, select user type and click “Submit”. We will send a link to your email to reset your password (check your spam folder if you do not receive any email from us). Click the link and your account will be reactivated. Go back to your dashboard and set up a new password.
Mobile app – Your deals will be saved under “My deals”. Simply click on the deal and show it to the restaurant owner, who will redeem it for you. Website - You will receive your free discount voucher in your email whenever you grab a deal. You can also view your coupons by signing into your account and clicking on “My Dashboard”. You can either print the coupon from your email or show the coupon on your phone to the restaurant owners to avail your deal.
Mobile app – All your deals will be saved under “ My deals”. Simply scroll down to see all the deals you have saved. Click on Redeemed Deals to see all the deals that have already been used. Swipe to delete your used deals. Website - You can simply log into your account and click “My Dashboard”. You will see all your coupons downloaded, with current status. You can also delete used coupons to clean up your Dashboard.
Bhoj deals are restaurant specific. Every deal will have restrictions listed by the particular restaurant. If no restriction is mentioned, then you can enjoy the discount “on everything”.
Bhoj deals can be used any day regardless of weekends or holidays, until the restaurant chose to specify any restrictions. Every deal will have restrictions listed by the particular restaurant. If no restriction is mentioned, then you can enjoy your discount everyday.
Currently we are not offering any opportunity! But do drop us an email at specifying what you are looking for. If anything comes up, we will contact you. In near future, we will be looking for talented and experienced sales and marketing professionals.
Any restaurant wishing to become our restaurant partner can register with us at our website and add their restaurant details. As soon as the details are reviewed and approved by Bhojdeals team, it will show up on website.
Yes. All our deals have a validity of ONE month from the date of issue.
We regret and apologize beforehand if that happens. However, on brighter side, you did not pay anything for Bhoj deal. Do not worry and download Bhoj deals for other restaurants and keep saving.
The deals are listed on our webpage, with an understanding with our restaurant partners. If the restaurants do not cater to the deal they specified, please get in touch with us at and we will contact our restaurant partners. You can also view our terms and conditions for more details.
Yes! Our webpage is mobile friendly and you can certainly browse our website on your mobile. Much better experience is when you download our Mobile App which is user friendly and will provide an amazing experience while you continue to save.
Just click on the “Become Bhoj Restaurant Partner” and sign up. It takes less than 10 minutes to register your restaurant with us. If you have any difficulty, email us at and our representative will get in touch with you.